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What Every Homeowner should Know about Egress Windows

Date Added: April 26, 2012 07:01:24 AM
Category: Computers: Software: Home
As the name suggests, an egress window is an escape route. It is usually combined with a large well that will facilitate evacuation. A basement is typically a confined space, which can be dangerous in a situation such as a fire. This is because there is usually only one escape. If this route is blocked off the results can be deadly. Ideally, every basement room should have at least two ways out. One leading to the upper floors and another leading straight to the outside, so that no one gets trapped in the basement should a fire erupt upstairs. How an Egress Window Helps The worst case scenario can be avoided by installing an egress window which can be opened in the event of a fire or other emergency, through which a trapped person could exit and reach ground level. The exit from the egress window would most likely have a built-in ladder which will be fitted inside the shaft, accessible from the window. The top of the shaft would be protected with a grate that can be opened from inside. Benefits Most building codes insist on an egress window to provide an escape. An egress window can also transform a dark, dingy basement into a bright, well-ventilated living space. Egress windows are a worthwhile investment because you never know when a situation can arise when you'll be looking for an escape route in an emergency. Besides safety, the purpose of basement windows is to make your basement a brighter, more friendly environment. If you look out your basement window and don't like what you see, and your basement windows are not letting light in, then they're not doing their job Egress Windows are Mandatory Egress windows are a must in most new homes and are a feature that has to be added during a basement remodeling. Building codes generally specify the dimensions and other features that an egress window must comply with. Most egress windows provide about 6 square feet of exit space. If you are doing a basement remodel, chances are that you'll find a basement and egress window contractor in your town. If, for instance, you are installing an egress window in Iowa, or an egress window in NE, choose a contractor who specializes in egress window installations. Back this up with references from someone you know. While it will cost you more to hire a professional contractor, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing it has been installed well and will give you the service you expect for the money you've spent on it. Check with the Local BBB If you want to install an egress window in Omaha then go the extra mile when you've chosen your contractor. Check with the Better Business Bureau about his complaint status and if there are any unresolved issues pending against him or the business. Call past clients to see what they thought of the service and the product. Also make sure that your new investment in your egress window comes with a longtime warranty. You only want to pay for an egress window once. Thrasher Basement Systems specializes in installing egress windows in NE. Visit them online for an estimate.