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Antivirus Update

Date Added: October 14, 2009 02:53:40 PM
Category: Computers
In order to block the unauthorized communication between the systems connected to the network, a Firewall can be installed on each system, but what to do when the system gets infected by a virus? Well, in that case, as a PC protection measure, one needs to download the latest antivirus software. Before we further discuss about antivirus and its need, just try to answer this: Does your PC sneeze and cough? Huh! What a weird question? Isn’t it? Well, it isn’t, because when we develop some influenza or other disease, the most common problem we face is sneezing or coughing and the same goes for our systems! Our immunization system gets somehow weak and some micro biological viruses leverage the diseases in us, similarly a PC gets infected by some technical problems like slow speed, automatic adding of unwanted phrases or words in word pad of your system, or any other anomalous behavior. It happens due to system’s weak immunity against computer viruses. Just click on antivirus update download. After you install the software, update it timely and scan your all data to find and kill viruses. Any person, who uses a PC, must have encountered the term “Virus” very often. When the system starts functioning abnormally, then it is said to have been infected by Virus. Just a click on antivirus 2009 will fix your PC! Antivirus is a virus scanner cum virus killer, which means it scans your system’s local hard drives and external drives to find the virus and it kills them! Antivirus scan works on the principle of matching of the signatures of viruses with the database of various signatures stored in the antivirus software. Virus is nothing but just a malicious program that differs from spyware, malware and adware in the context that it replicates itself continuously. This means that if your computer gets infected by virus once, then that virus reproduces more viruses of similar kind with the running of an executable file each time! A free antivirus download is a remedy for such a problem! Based on the operating system that you have installed on your system, you can download the antivirus specially designed for your system’s configuration. Like, if you’re an XP user, then you need to download XP Antivirus protection software. A virus works on the basic principle of replication, which is facilitated if and only if; the virus attaches itself to any of the executable file of the system. This could prove deadly hazardous! For instance, consider an executable operation, like clicking of a mouse, if a virus attaches itself to this executable program, then each time you click the mouse, you get a new virus added up to your system. Now just imagine, even a single virus is fatal for your system, what an army of the viruses will do to your system? There are a lot of programmers who intentionally program these viruses and they release them on networks to affect the systems. Hence, PC protection is needed to keep our PC healthy forever. So, each and every day, a new virus signature needs to be added in the antivirus software, for which a timely Antivirus Update is required to keep the immunity of your PC alive forever! For, having your system running at its normal pace and in normal conditions, you should Download Antivirus Program, install it and just update it timely and you’ll have your PC free from infections and healthy forever!